Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Some times all you can give is the "Silent Treatment"

Silent Treatment

Some times silent treatment is very helpful to give for people who ignores you or hurt you more often
so here are some tips that i used to help me get over the people who hurt me because life doesn't end on them we have to move on, it helped me a lot and I hope that it will help you all as well.

So lets begin with the first tip you have to pretend that its really cool and you don't care about what they do to you and be always good of heart before playing the silent treatment! laugh enjoy as much as you can in front of them it will make them wonder Whats wrong, Why she is acting like nothing happened and don't start ignoring revenge yet! 

Secondly make peace eventually now what did I meant about this, it simply mean walk around in peace laugh, turn your head up just pretend as they don't exit but just do it silently then it gonna give the real taste of the silent treatment.

Live happily ever after and use the Silent treatment as your weapon!

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