Sunday, 20 May 2012

Reflection in Web 2.0 in my life.

This semester I took a subject which is called "MIS" and its relating to computing, I learned a lot of this subject and the main thing was Web 2.0, all about Google and I started to use these Google tools in my daily life, I want to share every tool with you all and give you an information on how it reflated in my life.

Google Blogger helped me to post my daily thoughts and share it with my friends and see my friends posts as well and comment on it, it made me know more about interesting topics that people do share among them.

Google Calendar I don't know what to say but it really helped to keep track of my daily tasks and alert me everyday morning of what I to do in my study schedule , it really helped and ill keep using it always. 

I liked the way twitter work, its an social network, helped me to follow my friends profile and other peoples, it helped me to tweet whenever I'm from my phone or laptop.

Google Chrome made my life easier its faster and easy to get the information fastly , I can download any application I desire like games or any of the web 2.0 tools.

Google searching, I almost use it everyday and I found that there is no best search engine but Google.

Google Docs helped me share files with my project group this semester so we can all write on it and see each others working.

These are some Web 2.0 tools that I use everyday and there is a lot more, and in future ill use all of them to make my life easier.

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